Contouring and Folding Together

2015_03_07-wood-1This is a project proposal designed at the workshop organized together with Simge Esin Orhun and Fulya Akipek as part of the International Wood Day Exhibition in İstanbul. This time, the final Grasshopper definition is created “after” some experiments with physical models. Here is the first model showing the idea inspired from the folding chairs studied here. I realized that in order to make a “wall” instead of a chair, it would be a good idea to extend the edges of the sticks so that they meet at several (2 for example) paths. In the model, I used sewing needle to fit the foamboards in those paths. The result was exciting than I thought as everything went well and it actually folded successfully and stood still.

2015_03_07-wood-2 2015_03_07-wood-3 2015_03_07-wood-4 2015_03_07-wood-5

After making the Grasshopper definition of this model, it became possible to see the overall effects of changing various paths and edges. I hope this wall might actually be constructed from wood sticks, so I’ll be able to post some photos if we manage to build it.