Basic Design 2012 Final Project: Group 2

This is the final project of group 2 at İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture Basic Design II Spring 2012 undergraduate studio*. 1:1 material system is constructed by two layers of tesselfations, triangular and hexagonal. They studied much for the connection detail and elaborated the structure to maintain stasis within a dynamic pose. They have used a Grasshopper definition (described here) to label and measure all of 800 rods into Excel. Very hard work, intellectually and physically has finished. Congratulations!

Although the underlying geometric system is purely deterministic, small changes in this detail would multiply to result huge impacts on overall formation. Nevertheless, the whole process considers the digital model beyond representation, but as an embryo of its existence; while elevating the hand-made joint as an active agent in the design process, making it unpredictable to some extent, and indispensible as well. One of the core challenges of digital design technologies is the superimposition of curiosity-driven, chaotic, and even stochastic decision cycles over logical, explicit and deterministic interfaces. In this final project, students begin to realize that the challenge of understanding the nature of materials and the in-distant tools of thinking are deeply bound up within each other. The project explained in this section is the example of such dependency, proving that it is possible to sustain a design continuum both computationally enabled, and hand-made at the same time (Figure 9). In essence, this experiment constitutes an integration of computation in basic design, which is one of the fundamental issues regarding institutional design education today.

*Students: Ayşegül Tepe, Barış Demirsoy, Beyza Yalçın, Ceyda Pektaş, Çağan İzgi, Gupse Korkmaz, İrem İşcan, Oğuz Kurtuluş, Yağmur Bursalıoğlu.

*Faculty: Avşar Gürpınar, Benay Gürsoy, Burcu Kütükçüoğlu, Deniz Manisalı, İdil Karababa, Elif Erdoğan, İdil Erkol, Salih Küçüktuna, Şebnem Yalınay, Tuğrul Yazar

*Photographs: Avşar Gürpınar

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