Landscape Extensions Final: Digital Sketch

This is the final Grasshopper sketch of our graduate studio conducted together with Fulya Akipek at Yıldız Technical University Computational Design Unit. The project wa about to design parametric “Lanscape Extensions” at Kabataş Park. I hope I’ll be able to post the actual student works, the material system, but now; only the final result of the digital sketch we’ve developed together with students are presented here. This was a kind of “sketchy” definition that came up as an investigation about how can we construct a system on the selected area that can help us formalize our design concepts. The trees were one of the important elements of the park so that students obtained all possible data about them. After the first discussions this design idea slowly evoled into creating a parametric system that helps to produce appropriate surfaces for people to sit, to lay in the park. So that the Grasshopper definition takes these data about the trees from a csv file and creates a diagram that can be used to develop a solar shading study in order to describe the places and the ways of “sitting” there. However the project has finished without creating a solid connection with the material system and this parametric model. I’ll post the material prototypes later. Here is the video explaining the Grasshopper definition, which can be downloaded here: [GHX: 0.9.0076] (Requires Heliotrope components to be installed in Grasshopper first)