Basic Design 2015 Final Project 2

A very hard working group of this year’s Computation-based Basic Design Studio produced this amazing structure. They joined 8mm cnc-cut wooden plates using puzzle-like cuts and tightened with strings. A good example of group coordination produced this result in two days. Below are some photos of the prototype and the project phases:

2015_05_30-group2-3 2015_05_30-group2-4

Final prototype.


2015_05_30-group2-1 2015_05_30-group2-2

The joint details and the first experiments.

*Students: Aslı Naz Çolakoğlu, Aybike Yılmaz, Bilge Kardelen Bekiroğlu, Büşra Hamzaoğlu, Ceren Bilen, Simay Uluca, Zülal Atakul

Here is the blog of this project.