This is a detailed wooden casement window, created for a restoration project last year by Tuşpa Architecture. Revit is used in creating the survey and restitution projects. This component is partially parametric, you can define width and height values. It took about three days to complete the component, way much more than just drawing it in Autocad, but it was very much educational for me. You can download and play with the component here: [RFA: Revit 2012] I have uploaded this and my other Revit objects to here

[RFA: Revit 2012] It seems simple at first sight, but creating a window definition in Revit requires a lot more time than I expected. A freelance job led me to create this parametric object, when I saw the architect’s sketch of all window types of the building side by side. There was a clear connection between all of them, leading me to define a single window object. Of course I’m not happy with the overall look of the window, those sills; but, what can I say? This first experiment is […]