This is another brave group of students. They studied one of the most interesting materials in this year’s Basic Design studio. They tested the structural capacities and nearly all possibilities of thin Bamboo sticks. Unfortunately they lost most of the prototypes, and one of them was a beautiful structural tripod. In the final assembly, they managed to span the required distance by attaching bamboo sticks using plastic fasteners. Below are some of the photos from final day. The sequence of joining the stripes is making it much more structural than […]

The regular component design technique can be further improved by adding several manipulations. Purpose of this study was to create a surface component that reacts to an inherent parameter (actually a geodesic curve on surface). However, within the process of parametric modeling, diverse formal potentials emerged. Most interesting results are achieved by adding a graph parameter to control the waves of reaction while splitting the surface as stripes. The definition can be downloaded here [2012_01_25-stripe]. It is created in recently updated version (0.8.00066) of Grasshopper. This method of surface manipulation […]