SPEC disappeared from our garden suspiciously. Hopefully we’ve already finalized it’s parametric survey. Can has created the original model by measuring exact corner coordinates. Then, manipulated it’s shape by creating diverse vectors for each shape. Emre has also tried a similar approach. Can’s definition was too long, not using data trees, therefore it is slow. But it’s very effective at offering a solution for an animation. I re-captured his frames for animation; Another innovative solution came from Yağız along with a presentational concern. He seems know what he’s doing. He […]

So far, only Yağız Özkan posted an animated solution; Now, they seem to improve much, as they will now include operations on data trees. Yağız constructed a complex diagram, defining each point and curve seperately. Today, we’ve seen methods to shorten these diagrams and improve effectiveness of the plug-in. Important part of that study was to develop a proactive behaviour on creating Grasshopper definitions from the hand-drawn diagrams. We need to study all components, their input and output types carefully, so that we’ll be able to tell Grasshopper what to […]