solar position

This is the final Grasshopper sketch of our graduate studio conducted together with Fulya Akipek at Yıldız Technical University Computational Design Unit. The project wa about to design parametric “Lanscape Extensions” at Kabataş Park. I hope I’ll be able to post the actual student works, the material system, but now; only the final result of the digital sketch we’ve developed together with students are presented here. This was a kind of “sketchy” definition that came up as an investigation about how can we construct a system on the selected area […]

I’ve worked a little more about the Solar Position definition i’ve started here. The definition uses Danel da Rocha’s beautiful solar position script and utilizes it with other components. It creates visual output for any given surface, divided into quads (with side faces of course) and coloring them according to their orientation to the sun. This time (file here: [GHX: 0.8.0066]) I added an occlusion part to calculate the surface’s own shadow. Now, solar calculation takes surfaces as obstacles and dispatches the occluded faces from visualization, leaving them grey. Of course it […]

Experimenting various plug-ins for solar calculations, I found Daniel Da Rocha‘s powerful implementation of solar position algorithm in It calculates the solar angle of any place and time. Although it’s written in old component, it still works great. I’m trying to create a fast and easy workflow to optimize Grasshopper models based on solar directions. This is done by projecting faces to the solar planes and checking how much of their area is included in that direction. After this check I added a color gradient to see the […]