revit family

We are back! Here are some Revit component I’ve created for a project. These and other cool downloads can be found at T_Room Tag T_Parking Space T_Door Tag A Door

I’ve been carried away by a design competition since 10 days. This is a multi-function building with 20.000 m2 floor area. This is the first time I’m trying to design such a large space completely in Revit Architecture. Below are two small modifications I’ve made to meet Turkish annotation standards. Especially the elevation tag is very different from original Revit component. Room tag is also modified because the multi-function buildings usually have complex room organizations grouped in departments. So I decided to modify these two components and start to create […]

[RFA: Revit 2012] It seems simple at first sight, but creating a window definition in Revit requires a lot more time than I expected. A freelance job led me to create this parametric object, when I saw the architect’s sketch of all window types of the building side by side. There was a clear connection between all of them, leading me to define a single window object. Of course I’m not happy with the overall look of the window, those sills; but, what can I say? This first experiment is […]

This is another old-school approach to parametric modeling, today known better as part of Building Information Modeling fantasy. Revit started to take much of my time although it seems very limiting <still> in 2012 version. As I’m still at the “geometric” side of design, I tried to create parametric objects in order to understand and learn the capabilities of Revit.  That was very useful for me in learning this interface. I specially chose Le Corbusier’s chair set as my first experiment of family creating in Revit. In his 100th anniversary […]