Below is a part of Heidegger’s famous book, questioning concerning technology; … We are questioning concerning technology, and we have arrived now at aletheia, at revealing. What has the essence of technology to do with revealing? The answer: everything. For every bringing-forth is grounded in revealing. Bringing-forth, indeed, gathers within itself the four modes of occasioning – causality – and rules them throughout. Within its domain belong end and means, belongs instrumentality. Instrumentality is considered to be the fundamental characteristic of technology. If we inquire, step by step, into what […]

This started as a pragmatist search of the term “Objectile”. I was curious about the real meaning of it, while the famous 1995 works of Bernard Cache was the thing I was looking for as images. I found two things about this word. One of them is the reproductions and on-line marketing of those famous carved panels (I was actually searching for), and while the second thing was a very interesting philosophical text from Levi Bryant, this blog (then became much more important to me). It was quite enlightening for me to […]