parametric object

International Garden Festival in İstanbul 2016 Antalya // October 2015, Exhibition at Karaalioğlu Park Design and Prototyping: Fulya Akipek, Tuğrul Yazar, Aslı Aydın, Işıl Çokuğraş, Dilek Yürük Team of students: Alara Lüküs, Elif Soylu, İlkan Cemre Acar Consultants: Anonim İstanbul_Burcu Serdar Köknar, Hande Kalender Actually it has been nearly 2 years since we’ve designed and produced this garden.  COMMON_action_GARDENS are injected in formal park layouts built for recreation as garden structures whose aim is to support “preserve, sustain and share” philosophy and to bring people together while producing. These gardens organize […]

IABA 2015 International Architecture Biennial Antalya // October 2015, Exhibition at Karaalioğlu Park Design and Prototyping: Fulya Akipek, Tuğrul Yazar, Aslı Aydın Team of students: Alara Lüküs, Burak Güney, Elif Soylu, Tufan İşcan, Tunç Şenman Consultants: Anonim İstanbul_Burcu Serdar Köknar, Hande Kalender, Dilek Yürük Video by Elif Soylu COMMON action GARDENS I is an urban garden structure which is exhibitted and still in use in Karaalioglu Park as part of the 3rd Architecture Biennial Programme in Antalya. These structures are injected in formal park layouts as edible gardens whose aim […]

It is a nice exercise to study various components about point to curve transformations and vice versa. Tower Crane was our second week exercise at İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture Parametric Modeling class, asking students to design and draw a parametric object that has joints and parts that are moving alongside straight lines. Below is the most “safe-side” solution for me, although there are also very complicated solutions such as Mertcan’s. [GHX: 0.9.0076] here is the Grasshopper definition.

WFC Shangai is a design exercise in our first-year Design Computing class introduced by Onur Yüce Gün. This exercise emphasizes both analytical thinking and associative geometry and aims to utilize boolean operations as solid and void references in creating forms. We asked students to develop variations of this building. In order to discuss this formation in class, I studied a simple algorithm to test variations in real time. Grasshopper definition can be downloaded from here [GHX: 0.9.0014]. The initial shape, developed by a boolean intersection of a rectangular prism and […]

Under the dust of 10 years; revisiting my master thesis; This paper introduces a research about the Computer Aided Instruction (CAI) tool which is based on the master thesis of Tuğrul Yazar from Yıldız Technical University (YTU) Faculty of Architecture Computational Design Graduate Program (BOM). The thesis is named “Expert Systems for Architectural Education: The Expert System of Sinan Mosques” and completed in 2003 under the supervision of Dr. Birgül Çolakoğlu. YTU Department of Computer Engineering supported this research by assigning the graduation project of Ali Murat Akkan as programming the prototype software. The educational […]

[RFA: Revit 2012] It seems simple at first sight, but creating a window definition in Revit requires a lot more time than I expected. A freelance job led me to create this parametric object, when I saw the architect’s sketch of all window types of the building side by side. There was a clear connection between all of them, leading me to define a single window object. Of course I’m not happy with the overall look of the window, those sills; but, what can I say? This first experiment is […]

This is another old-school approach to parametric modeling, today known better as part of Building Information Modeling fantasy. Revit started to take much of my time although it seems very limiting <still> in 2012 version. As I’m still at the “geometric” side of design, I tried to create parametric objects in order to understand and learn the capabilities of Revit.  That was very useful for me in learning this interface. I specially chose Le Corbusier’s chair set as my first experiment of family creating in Revit. In his 100th anniversary […]

This was an interesting topic of design computing class. Geometric constructions based on strict relationships are becoming exciting in parametric modeling environments. I think muqarnas includes such a relationship. There is a basic method of modeling this shape, introduced by Mete Tüneri. His solution to a simple muqarnas object includes a surface with six reference points on it, with two boolean differences (one cylinder and one box) create the component. In Grasshopper, I tried to simulate his process by adding real-time parameters such as number of rows and row height. […]

[GHX:0.8.0066] This is a rather traditional geometry exercise we used to make in MaxScript. Grasshopper is also quite capable of associative geometry and real-time parametric designs of objects. Exercise of designing a furniture family should be based on a design research, followed by the shape alternatives and sketches (both digital and hand), then might be finalized using this parametric design environment. However, the example presented here is one of the most simplistic solutions to a furniture familly. This may be furter developed regarding details and diversity of geometry.

It was two years ago, I decided to attended a design contest using Grasshopper. Of course the jury didn’t know that the design solution I created was a result of a parametric model developed in Grasshopper. From the report; Yıldız Technical University Davutpaşa Campus Entrance Design Contest [Awarded Honorable Mention] Starting point of this project was the conception of “entrance” as a design problem related with whole project area, rather than a single “gate”. Designed form spans across the project area and changes shape to meet several conditions such as […]