Since last week, I’m very curious about circle packing. There are a couple of complete solutions on the internet. I’m still at early steps of such a solution yet. A full circle packing means that it does not include any gaps and each circle is tangent to all possible neighbors. Sounds easy in Grasshopper but I couldn’t see any solution yet. There a some circle packing attempts but they have gaps. Also I don’t want to use an evolutionary solver (Galapagos) or physical engine (Kangaroo) because I believe there is […]

After a couple of days with studying the mysterious Doyle spiral, I’ve decided to test an approach of circle packing from conformal geometry. Poincare disk (studied earlier at here, here and here and here)  is used as the hyperbolic representation of space. First, I linked a regular hexagonal grid data structure and rebuilt it after the hyperbolic distortion finding this result: Pretty much like a voronoi subdivision, but a very different thing in fact. My second attempt was to create a circle packing out of this: However I couldn’t manage to […]

After the starting point of Galapagos, there came another attempt to utilize this beautiful addition of David Rutten. This time, I worked over a night to tell it what I want. The point was (or seemed to be) simple at first sight. I wanted several shapes (not one) to fit into an area,  as smallest as possible, but without overlaps. A bounding box and area components quickly gave me the first fitness value. The area of the bounding rectangle should be as small as possible. That is a sentence I […]