monkey saddle

When I was a student, 3D modeling and rendering on computer was an advanced skill. I only managed to create my first rendering at 4th year project.  Then, it became a special talent for designers, even opening a freelance business. However that came to an end when that technology has expanded, reaching to everybody. Ten years ago, different ecological analysis methods on geometric designs were also another specialized field that everybody doesn’t have access to. Now it seems those technological skills are becoming more and more user-friendly, and free. Although […]

[GHX: 0.8.0066] This is another popular “math surface” being rediscovered by designers. Saddle surfaces, (on the right) as mentioned earlier (here) has another type named “Monkey Saddle” (on the left). This surface was a dramatic example of how Grasshopper is capable of controlling equations and showing graphical results instantly. The mathematical equations start with Z=… this makes it very easy for us to transform any x-y grid centers (a 2d data tree of 3d points) and adding z values to them according to that equation. Monkey Saddle’s center point (0,0,0) […]