The structure was constructed for 4th International Architecture Biennial of Antalya in 2017 and is located in Karaalioğlu Park. The architectural prototype is a wall is designed for growing and harvesting edible plants for the users of the park. In order to accommodate the voids necessary for plants to grow and have access to sunlight along with generating continuous surfaces to direct rainwater to plants, a research on minimal surfaces had been done. The final form, gyroid provided it all and had also been beneficent in the production process as […]

Another very famous shape for the new era of architectural geometry is a set of definitions creating minimal surfaces. I’ve found trigonometric equation of Gyroid and created a simple logic to estimate it as points in Grasshopper. However when I seached net for similar solutions, I’ve found LOTS of it including the same approach with me (Wynstan Wu’s definition). I was planning to develop a script in Grasshopper to take these estimated points and pull them to the exact positions a Gyroid equation requires. Then, I found that even there […]