gaussian curvature

This is the basic form of a surface division, based on curvature. As each point on the surface has a curvature value, this might be used to dispatch those values and see the points at flat and curved parts of the surface. Here is the Grasshopper definition [GHX: 0.8.0066] (Please use right click + save target as to download ghx definitions in this site. Otherwise your browser may try to execute them as they are xml files). I used my favourite surface equation definition (here) as implemented equation of cos(x)+cos(y) in the animation […]

This experiment is based on a traditional surface-component definition. However, the variation of component is associated with Gaussian curvature. We just control the subdivision and a multiplier value. Results are interesting in as an educational tool to explain NURBS surface curvature and it’s utilization for Design Geometry. Different surface shapes generate exciting results. Of course this could be much improved by recognizing positive and negative curvature values, (probably only accepting positive ones maybe). Grasshopper definition can be downloaded here [2011_12_22_gauss].