After the starting point of Galapagos, there came another attempt to utilize this beautiful addition of David Rutten. This time, I worked over a night to tell it what I want. The point was (or seemed to be) simple at first sight. I wanted several shapes (not one) to fit into an area,  as smallest as possible, but without overlaps. A bounding box and area components quickly gave me the first fitness value. The area of the bounding rectangle should be as small as possible. That is a sentence I […]

Galapagos was a great improvement, when it became available natively within Grasshopper. However I couldn’t find time to examine it until recently. This examination gave me a ideas on algorithmic thinking, tool making and tool using. The first experimentation shown below, (file here: [GHX: 0.8.0066]) tries to solve equilateral triangulation, based on Delaunay method. Galapagos has two different solvers, named “simulated annealing solver” and “evolutionary solver” shown respectively below. Both of them are trying to reach to a fitness value defined by the user. You may enter “Maximize”, “Minimize” or […]