design competition

This was a design competition of a precast concrete roof system. My design proposal was a modular and variable structure for İstanbul’s old bus station, converted to art galleries. However, this project was developed purely by hand-sketches, I’m planning to create an envelope of alternatives by creating a parametric model. Each module is proposed to be converted differently in order to meet various functions such as single or double module galleries, shopping and restaurant, and a theater also. The varying functions can be realized by roof designs. Only the initial […]

This was a couple of months ago, Nilüfer Kozikoğlu (TUŞPA Architecture) has offered a design for a competition, the new TV Tower in İstanbul. Her design intention was mainly focused on the spatial qualities of the observation decks and the visual interpretations on the overall shape of the tower. Interesting part of this project was the experience of a collaborative design process. Nilüfer sketched her design ideas in Rhinoceros, and I tried to implement those ideas within Grasshopper to understand and calculate her intentions. I sometimes offered some geometric solutions such […]