data tree

The latest version of Grasshopper3d (0.9.0006) has lots of improvements. But I’m vey happy with one of them; the ability to input data trees into parameters. You can now enter data trees by entering into, say “Set Multiple Integers” window. However, I couldn’t manage to enter notation :{1} or blank spaces as indicated in that window. I suspect there is a small bug there, I think it will be solved shortly. But “Manage Integer Collection” works great, giving you the opportunity to insert new leaves. But “Null” item is still […]

Generating data lists and data trees in Grasshopper is one of the important aspects of Dataflow Computing in general. Also literally, utilizing above conception, a set of data could be organized to shape a tree. This homework was a part of Parametric Modeling course, technical tutorials phase. After this phase, students will prepare for their final projects. I hope these exercises would develop the necessary conception before getting more into the designerly way of computing. After introducing the basics of Grasshopper, students tried to create such shapes and underlying data […]

Today, we’ve studied ways of representing multiple data structures in Grasshopper. As of our last week’s experience, sometimes (most of the time actually) we’ll need to work with vast amount of data. We’ll have to control them in order to open door for further explorations. Today’s exercise was a good example of this “sustainable” process of data management. All functionality of Grasshopper is based on data matching. From short-list, long-list matching, to the structures of data trees. The simple solution to a one-point attractor on a grid represents this very […]

Here are some basic references to Grasshopper’s handling of objects. As the most powerful and intuitive part of such Visual Programming Languages is the focus of dataflow, the critical part of it’s education lies at the fundamentals of data tree manipulations. Designers using these tools should understand and predict the type of data trees his/her parametric model would process. Here is the Grasshopper document including these components; [2012_01_10-adding streams] We’ll start with basic and the most important ones; Data tree conversion right on the input and output gates of any component. […]