data recorder

Here is a funny sketching system for the “SPEC” homework. [GHX: 0.8.0066] Four (or more) points are created using 2d sliders (MD slider) and decomposed these points into x,y and z numbers. Then, they are re-populated in 3d points by changing their plane. X coordinates are connected into Y, and Y coordinates are connected to Z’s. Tricky part comes then, the X number is defined by a serie of numbers started from 0 to 30 by 1. After that, polylines are constructed using the new point list. Data recorder is initialized to […]

In this experiment, I’m trying to use data recorder to change components on a surface. The component part is a standart triangular construction, but the attractor points are defined by a 2D slider that is connected to a data recorder. Data recorder remembers last 15 points, while you move the 2d slider, last 15 points are projected on the base surface. This creates an illusion as if a “snake” game on a surface. Definition then uses the closes point distance method to calculate a parameter and uses it to amplify […]