After the unsuccessful event of the “tumbler wall” here, I decided to return to the brick wall study, but this time starting from easy steps. You may remember this project from 5-axis masonry terminator of ETH, recent shows of RobArch and the Mullberry facade of SHOP architects. First, I studied the easiest possible way to place boxes on a surface; However, this was not a correct layout, but worst of all, some bricks un-realisticly collide!. I tried to develop complex brick layouts several times, then decided to go back to the […]

There are couple of experiments in different schools about organizing free form surfaces (walls here) with a composition of modular elements (bricks). Even they created robots make such brick walls, still I couldn’t understand why. Although creating a parametric model that calculates exact locations of brick, seems very easy at first sight, there came serious problems to solve in order to achieve a correct layout without using helpers such as physics engines. Of course it’s possible to achieve this simply with a projection from single direction, however I wanted to […]