Using SPM Vector Components developed by two talented people, Daniel Hambleton and Chris Walsh (website here), I’ve studied ways of displaying dynamic diagrams of form. I’ve modified an example file and found myself in a surprising  formal exploration. It’s like watching the clouds, giving them meaning like a sheep, a flower, a baby… Here is a link to Grasshopper file. Right click and save it to your computer (don’t left click it) [GHX: 0.8.0066: SPM Tools version:]. This needs SPM tools to be installed first and includes a timer component. To run the […]

Playing with 2D Metaball component in Grasshopper, I was curious about why there is no 3D Metaball component… Then I realized that in fact, 2D Metaball component is just one section of a 3D Metaball computation. Thanks to the Dataflow environment, I was able to create a serie of planes and called a theater of points from “Shortest Path” post quickly. It was a simple but very promising work of Grasshopper. As always, this is only a part of the experiences I’ve been collecting for 4 years, in order to […]