Monkey Saddle Surface

[GHX: 0.8.0066] This is another popular “math surface” being rediscovered by designers. Saddle surfaces, (on the right) as mentioned earlier (here) has another type named “Monkey Saddle” (on the left). This surface was a dramatic example of how Grasshopper is capable of controlling equations and showing graphical results instantly. The mathematical equations start with Z=… this makes it very easy for us to transform any x-y grid centers (a 2d data tree of 3d points) and adding z values to them according to that equation. Monkey Saddle’s center point (0,0,0) is the only point with zero curvature. All other coordinates have negative curvature.

Interestingly, this surface is very similar (and idealised) version of my hand-made test surfaces for Grasshopper experiments. Maybe I’ll use this one to test GH definitions from now on. Please be aware that this definition draws both surfaces at the origin of Rhino space, and they are tiny. So don’t forget to zoom in.

It’s fun to play with… Here is what happens when I enter cos(x2+y2)*0.33 to the function;