Leaves of a Loop

While testing Anemone loop components for Grasshopper, these curves have emerged. In fact, I was trying to develop the definition that mimics the well known branching script with “Arch SED” method (using tangent vectors for each arc and iterating the process in a random fashion so that the branches (arcs) join nicely). Anyway, this definition develops one branch from every previous one, while the position, rotation and the length are defined by three seperate graphs. If you play with these graphs, you’ll see the Anemone updates itself automatically, finally collecting the outcomes in a data recorder component to see the variations.  Here is the Grasshopper definition if you want to play with it: [GHX: 0.9.0072 Requires Anemone components installed]

2014_05_05-loopleaf1 2014_05_05-loopleaf2 2014_05_05-loopleaf3 2014_05_05-loopleaf-defThere are still interesting possibilities with this add-on however it seems there would be performance issues with it if you want to generate outcomes quicker.