Fractal Trees

Based on this post, the problem of modeling tree-like fractal shapes is still a good question for early years of computational design education. Last time, I used Rhino’s macro to study these kind of fractals in an “impossibly” limited interface, but this time both and Anemone are introduced to students. First, using a component that creates “the binary tree”:



Here is the Grasshopper definition if you would like to see the simple loop in there: [GHX: 0.9.0076] (Don’t left click on the link, right click and “save the file” to your computer). Then, the same process is regenerated using Anemone components. Of course it is much slower than the definition but it is easier to modify:


And this is the second definition, this time using Aneome instead of component. [GHX: 0.9.0076]