Common-action Gardens #2

International Garden Festival in İstanbul 2016
Antalya // October 2015, Exhibition at Karaalioğlu Park

Design and Prototyping: Fulya Akipek, Tuğrul Yazar, Aslı Aydın, Işıl Çokuğraş, Dilek Yürük
Team of students: Alara Lüküs, Elif Soylu, İlkan Cemre Acar
Consultants: Anonim İstanbul_Burcu Serdar Köknar, Hande Kalender

Actually it has been nearly 2 years since we’ve designed and produced this garden.  COMMON_action_GARDENS are injected in formal park layouts built for recreation as garden structures whose aim is to support “preserve, sustain and share” philosophy and to bring people together while producing. These gardens organize sustainable models for communal living with integrating raised beds, planting holes, water bowls, compost holes, seed boxes, tool pots, niches for animals and resting corners. Their sustainability depends on the local actors, people who drop in and who pass by. This fragility brought about actually has the strength to plant the seeds of searching for a new life order which depends on production, sharing and labor. Digital design and production technologies help to establish a system and structure which adapts itself to the social, topographical and material dynamics of the park where each garden is located and to mediate each communal garden’s relation with the earth through “production”. COMMON_action_GARDENS II is not merely a temporary art installation but it will become the first step of a permanent research and development project with the support of the municipality.