Common-action Gardens #1

IABA 2015 International Architecture Biennial
Antalya // October 2015, Exhibition at Karaalioğlu Park

Design and Prototyping: Fulya Akipek, Tuğrul Yazar, Aslı Aydın
Team of students: Alara Lüküs, Burak Güney, Elif Soylu, Tufan İşcan, Tunç Şenman
Consultants: Anonim İstanbul_Burcu Serdar Köknar, Hande Kalender, Dilek Yürük

Video by Elif Soylu

COMMON action GARDENS I is an urban garden structure which is exhibitted and still in use in Karaalioglu Park as part of the 3rd Architecture Biennial Programme in Antalya. These structures are injected in formal park layouts as edible gardens whose aim is to support “preserve, sustain and share” concept and to bring people together while producing. These gardens organize sustainable models for living with integrating raised beds, planting holes, water bowls, compost holes, seed boxes, tool pots, niches for animals and resting corners in one whole body. Digital design and production technologies help to esta-blish a system and structure which adapts itself to the social, topographical and material dynamics of the host park where each garden is located and to mediate each communal garden’s relation with the Earth through “production”. Geometric research to relate material system composed of eva and wood with environmental issues i.e. air, water, light and antropomorphic data for sitting positions is done via computational design and production technologies. Fluid form of the structure is produced via contouring technique which is a sequence of CNC cut plates that are assembled by perpetual screws. Automatization of these plates’ tags enabled to assemble the system in one night.

Screen capture of an intermediate design phase, showing the Grasshopper tool developed to calculate and reduce the material use

Final version to be produced

Grasshopper definition used in form-finding and the calculation of material use

The final construction