Circular Relationship Diagram

This is done because I needed to represent relationships between different factors and layers of a design process. Although this method of “Chord Diagrams” is a very common technique in information design, it became very hard to find an effective tool for generating those diagrams quickly. There seem to be a solution called “Circos” but however even installing it to the computer became very boring for me. So I decided to make a Grasshopper definition that generates simple circular relationship diagrams.

The resulting Grasshopper definition ([GHX: 0.9.0076]) seem to be a bit complex for such as simple task, but my intention is to study it further.



I didn’t visit grasshopper groups recently to see if there is a special component group for such visualization tasks. Anyway, this is a good idea to do one because although Grasshopper is very capable of handling parametric relationships, it lacks representation and visualization.