Bending is an easy operation in Rhino and Rhinoscript, however Grasshopper did not include that particular transformation (along with cage editing) yet. I tried to simulate the bending transformation by using native Grasshopper components. First, surface projections and pulls did not work at all, because I wanted to simulate a real bending effect without changing the surface area nor edge lengths. Then, Surface Morph component seemed to handle this issue, but it became an interesting challenge to put correct inputs to it. Finally I managed to implement the effect with a reasonable outcome (but without a complete success if you look at the surface areas). Here is the Grasshopper definition if you also need this transformation for your project: [GHX: 0.9.0061]



You should feed the shape to be bend, a line resembling the hinge axis of the operation, then the point to be used to measure the angle of bending. You can play with the definition to alter it’s input styles. The definition is suitable to work with multiple outputs .Below is a simple test of such multiplicity on a regular grids:


A two-fold one:


An irregular test with random points: (however leaves start to collide on certain distances)