Basics of Hoopsnake; Recursive Definitions

In order to start creating recursive algorithms in Grasshopper, I finally managed to run Hoopsnake, a special component developed by Yiannis Chatzikonstantinou. This will help me develop parametric models that include loops. The fundamental experiment here shows a surface subdivision based on iterations. We should define a starting object or data, an operation to be repeated, and a limit that will tell Hoopsnake to stop looping. In this condition, this is the area of surface, put into a logic (larger than…). Here is the definition: [GHX: 0.8.0066 + HOOPSNAKE needed]

Notice that while using Hoopsnake, we’ll have to use right click commands “Loop” and “Reset” to start and reset our loop. However, this creates a conflict with Grasshopper’s real-time design sketching ability. But combined with emergent shape recognition, I think Hoopsnake would maximize designer’s potentials of parametric modeling.