Basic Design 2015 Final Project: Happy Ivy

2015_01_24-group6-1This student project was lightweight but also very strong, a good start for a research on fibrous structures. The group of first year Basic Design students explain their project as;

Arboriform, meaning as “something tree-shaped” was the main theme of the project, however we decided to focus more on the entwining movement of ivy. In order to create a material system that reflects this entwining behavior, we chose to research on fibrous structures, specifically the pvc hoses. It was a challenge to understand how we could make a very weak material such as these hoses stronger. That is why we created a composite structure that is lightweight enough not to harm the tree it’ll be placed on, but also strong enough so that we were able to give form to it. We used thin aluminium wiring inside of the hoses to achieve this. Pairs of hoses were weaved, then further weaved again to develop the structure. The final form of the knitted hoses were created from a systematic scheme, in order to achieve the form we decided.

Students: Ceren Bilen, Dilruba Ağaçcıoğlu, Elifsu Oturan

2015_01_24-group6-2 2015_01_24-group6-3