Basic Design 2015 Final Project: Commensalism


This research was very successful in achieving its intended physical performance, which was holding on to a tree its designed for (and even  near climbing up in some cases). The system is lightweight yet very powerful, holding on but not causing any harm to its “host body”, the tree. The group of students explain their project as;

Commensalism is one of the symbiotic life forms, in which one of the two life forms live together and provide benefit while the other one neither provides benefit nor gets harmed. For example, some herbaceous plants living on tall trees can benefit from sunshine much more effectively thanks to these trees, while the trees get neither benefit nor harm from them. These life forms can also live without each other, but when they separate, beneficial one’s life quality decrease significantly. (malnutrition due to lack of enough sunshine, change of shape etc.) Within this conceptual background, our design project is bound to a tree and stands with the help of it, while it is supposed to reach higher. A fishnet pattern is created with sticks and rubber bands, which are used to attach our material system to the tree, without causing any harm to it.

Students: Azra Tulu Cumur, Büşra Hamzaoğlu, Gülten Fatma Oran

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