Basic Design 2015 Final Project 5

This project started as a study on a geometric method, called as quadror, but resulted as an amazing self-standing structure with a capability to fold flat. Initially after Ayza made lots of sketches and models, the project team continued the research and finally they managed to build one prototype only in two days. Here are some photos of this project but there are much more variations and models at their own blog linked below:

2015_06_01-group5-6 2015_06_01-group5-7

Below are some photos of their research:
2015_05_30-group5-2 2015_05_30-group5-3

2015_05_30-group5-4 2015_05_30-group5-5 2015_05_30-group5-6 2015_05_30-group5-7 2015_05_30-group5-8 2015_05_30-group5-9

This is supposed to be the final prototype.

*Students: Ayza Kurbanova, Emir Hasan Kotan, Emre Çincaner, Nur Aktaş, Öykü Türkan Didinir, Şeyda Özcan

Here is the student blog of this project.