Basic Design 2015 Final Project 4

This final project of the Computation-based Basic Design II at IBU, focuses on the bending performance of wooden plates. Their initial development of a module ended up with a macroform that spans a surface in two directions, enabling various human postures such as sitting, leaning and lying down. A very promising work that could further be developed. Below are some photos:


Final prototype2015_05_30-group4-2 2015_05_30-group4-3 2015_05_30-group4-4

The idea and the process.

*Students: Azra Tulu Cumur, Batuhan Güllü, Büşra Kılışlı, Cem Mert Şimşek, Fatma Oran, Onurcan Oktay

Here is the student blog of this project.