Basic Design 2015 Final Project 3

Another well organized group of students produced this self standing structure in only a couple of days. This group joined the same 8mm wooden plates into a set of components of 8-sided polyhedra. Then, they joined these components in a fashion that the macroform emerged from the angles of their geometry. Below are some of the pictures of their production phases:

2015_05_30-group3-1 2015_05_30-group3-2


The final prototype2015_05_30-group3-3 2015_05_30-group3-4

Some phases of the production2015_05_30-group3-5 2015_05_30-group3-6

Model of the component and the macroform.

*Students: Başak Ayris Karayiğit, Dila Kırmızıtoprak, Dilruba Ağaçcıoğlu, Ecem Karabıyık, Elifsu Oturan, Maide İmge Yüksel, Melis Gültunca

Here is the project blog with more pictures.