Basic Design 2013 Final Project: Group 10

Here is the “hose” group of İstanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture Basic Design project. Although they challenged with a nearly impossible mission, trying to make a structural system out of hoses, they simply done it well. After a tremendous effort on the possible combinations of hoses and wooden sticks, they found sophisticated components, utilizing the positive potentials of both material. This year, we allowed them to develop composite systems by blending different behaviours of materials. In fact, no one was sure about the structural integrity of hose-stick combination. But their fearless efforts brought success at the end. The structure still survives with minor collapses. Here are some photos of it;


Material studies2013_06_24-g10-1

Component studies2013_06_24-g10-3

Final project spanning approx. 3 meters2013_06_24-g10-4

*Students: Sena Telci, Aslıhan Taşkıran, Zeynep Köseoğlu, Mert Aytaç, Buket Çaycı, Betül Körbeyli, Betül Şahin, Büşra Nur Yurtnaç, Sena Babacan, Yekzan Arıkan

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