Designcoding is the diary of experiments on design geometry, parametric modeling, digital fabrication and related pedagogical issus of design education.

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Rhinoceros3d is a NURBS modeling software for designers. For more information, visit rhino3d.com. Grasshopper3d is a parametric modeling environment, utilizing a visual programming language, and working as a plug-in of Rhinoceros 3D. For more information and downloads, visit grasshopper3d.com. Please note that, Grasshopper3d is under development, we’ve used version 0.8.0059 in first posts and version 0.9.0076 in latest posts. You may experience version conflicts with the ghx and 3dm files shared at this website as Rhinoceros3d has also released a new version. GHX files shared at this site should be saved to your computer using right click, otherwise, your browser may try to read it as an xml file. Pytonscript and RhinoScript are scripting environments within Rhinoceros, visit python.rhino3d.com for more information.

AutoCAD, Revit and 3D Studio MAX are products of Autodesk. For more information and download, visit autodesk.com. DesignScript is an environment developed for Autodesk software. You may download and use designscript editor at labs.autodesk.com. MaxScript is a scripting environment developed for 3D Studio MAX. You can read more about it from docs.autodesk.com.

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