A Study on Concepts of Digital Design in Architecture

Scientific publications are expected to relate to all areas of science they sprawl. For this, the scientific publication is associated with several keywords that are thought to be related. For proper access to scientific publications in literature research, keyword assignment is as important as the publication title. This study aimed to map the usage patterns of the concepts related to the field of digital design research through keyword analysis. The questions that motivate the research, focuses on which concepts are emphasized more often, which concepts are inclusive, and on what stages the concepts have been through, after thet were translated from foreign languages. It will help us understand how the digital design, which is a collection of information that contains many concepts that can be directly related to the fields of architecture, education, education and practice, is addressed in our country’s academic environment and in which directions the research in this area are growing. For this, the keywords in the Digital Design in Architecture Symposiums (MSTAS) are extracted. These words are combined in two stages and visualized on an undirected graph. In the first stage, only synonymous words are combined, and in the second stage, disjoint word groups from the body of the map are combined by directing a close grip on the body. When the data is visualized again, all publications are associated with each other.

Here is our paper (in Turkish) presented at MSTAS 2017 Symposium in Middle East Technical University in Ankara: [PDF File]