A Low-Poly Habitat

Below is a simple tutorial class we’ve studied in Rhino in 2015 and 2016. The exercise is called “A Low-Poly Habitat”. The aim is to create simple polygon models by analysing overall geometric topology of an animal body. First-year design students attended the exercise and they are encouraged to create these models using blueprints from www. They used simple commands such as point, line, surface from 3 or 4 points and that’s all. Such exercises (hopefully) help them controlling the perspective viewports and simple modeling commands. An advanced versions of this exercise includes an introduction to 3d printing.

Batuhan Kaşut

Can Dumlupınar

Ceren Sezgin

Efe Akıncıoğlu

Gizem Erbilgin

Havvanur Sönmez

Kunt Konuk

Rengin Jiyan Koçak

Sevde Nur Ekiz

Uzay Gökçek

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