A Basic Design Exercise


This was last year, Salih Küçüktuna had organized a one-day exercise at first-year Basic Design studio. It was a quite succesfull event, both emphasizing the fundamentals of contemporary design ideas, and also being very pedagogical regarding the method. We asked students to bring blank regular business cards and staples to the studio. Main idea was to design a component and multiply it in order to create a structure that spans a given distance. Results were very interesting regarding the time and resources used in the studio day. There were two main approaches to the spanning structure (as Salih expected); one of them was the “surface” model that utilizes components in a fashion that cards would lie tangent to the spanning surface. The second was the “component” model that uses cards to populate components in a perpendicular fashion. Here are some results of that exercise;

2012_12_23-salihstruct12012_12_23-salihstruct3 2012_12_23-salihstruct4 2012_12_23-salihstruct5 2012_12_23-salihstruct6 2012_12_23-salihstruct7 2012_12_23-salihstruct8 2012_12_23-salihstruct9 2012_12_23-salihstruct10