September 2012

Yes, Revit revolutionizes the design process if you get used to it’s interface; but there are lots of things that could be further developed. Representational qualities, for example seems to be an important issue. I use section-perspectives a lot but still there are anti-aliasing problems when you get to the printing process. The last project I developed bottom-up in Revit and printed the posters from it, without any photoshop. This led me to think about it’s representational capabilities. I wanted to have a section background with a fade out effect. […]

After a couple of days with studying the mysterious Doyle spiral, I’ve decided to test an approach of circle packing from conformal geometry. Poincare disk (studied earlier at here, here and here and here)  is used as the hyperbolic representation of space. First, I linked a regular hexagonal grid data structure and rebuilt it after the hyperbolic distortion finding this result: Pretty much like a voronoi subdivision, but a very different thing in fact. My second attempt was to create a circle packing out of this: However I couldn’t manage to […]