November 2011

Scripting languages have become one of the main environments of generative design since beginning of the new millenium. Also as a new research field, design researchers focused on the potentials of this medium. However this has caused a field dependency to computer programming, as scripting could not be conceptualized by design researchers independent from computer programming paradigms. This leads designers to conflicts of cognitive duality and potential pedagogical misleads. Recent studies in computer programming showed that procedural coding, based on the flow of control has a user friendly alternative. Since […]

One of the main concepts of a contemporary design geometry studies include “emergent geometries”. We used to ask students explore new shapes out of complex or ruled compositions. Here is a definition in Grasshopper3d to simulate a perceptual process of discovering polygons with selected number of edges within a regular array of shape compositions. The definition can be downloaded here [2011-11-14_emergent]